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Family Group
William Hynes & Margaret Ryan

Incomplete, offspring to add


Family Group Report - 4 Feb 2002

Husband: William Hynes
Birth: 1822
Death: 17 Nov 1890
Occupation: ®6
Father: James Hynes
Mother: Elizabeth (Betsy) Noonan
Other Spouses Johanna Cashin
Marriage: Before 1866
Wife: Margaret Ryan
1. F Child: Johanna Hynes
Christen: 17 Jun 1866 Place: Gooseberry Island, Bonavista bay, Newfoundland
Spouse: Joseph White
Marriage: 7 Jan 1896 Place: St Brendan's Newfoundland
2. M Child: Thomas Hynes
Christen: 3 Oct 1868 Place: Gooseberry island, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland
Occupation: ®4
Spouse: Cecelia Turner
Marriage: 2 Dec 1893
3. M Child: James Hynes
Spouse: Elizabeth White
Marriage: 2 Dec 1898

Last Modified: 2 Feb 2002

Reference Note 4
In 1918 Thomas bought the schooner Stewart S which he used to fish the Labrador fishery until selling her in 1920.

Bessie T bought from the Turner family until 1922.

In 1923 he boght the newly made schooner Stella Hynes a 48 ton craft which he fished the Labrador with until 1927 when he sold her to son Thomas Jr. and partner Dennis (of edward) Hynes.

Thomas and sons would then purchase yet another newly made schooner, the 67 ton Roy Algar Russell of which Skipper Tom would remain master until ill health forced him to pass the helm to son William, who with brother Patrick as partner stayed in the fishing and freighting business before selling out and retiring in 1945.

Reference Note 6
Cod fisherman and Sealer well known on Goseberry island

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